Combustion Products

Our trainings:

  • Basics of Industrial Combustion.
  • Energy savings in production site.
  • Energy management.
  • Fundamentals of Coal, Pet coke firing in rotary kilns & furnaces.
  • Fundamentals of Oil, Gas firings and basic designs (HFO, LDO, BFG, COG, CBM, & Waste gases).
  • ASF/ ALF usage & system designs.



Performance Studies :

  • Furnaces operating parameters analysis.
  • Flue gas analysis from furnaces and burners.
  • Furnaces and burners optimal adjustments.
  • More efficient burners proposal.
  • Heat recovery system implantation.
  • Combustion intensification methods application.
  • Energy audit and energy consulting.
  • Development, administration and implementation of the energy efficiency program.
  • Implementation of the Energy Management System.
  • Proposal and analysis of KPI performance indicators.
  • Management of WCM projects (World Class Manufacturing).
  • Increase production capacity.
  • Increase strength of cement clinker.
  • Lower air blower power consumption.
  • Lower coal consumption.
  • Lower NOx and ammonia water consumption.
  • Lower primary air amount, high air pressure.
  • Wear resistance, corrosion resisting, longer lifespan.