Classifiers (Cyclone Separators)

Uneotec Design and supply of cyclone separators for high temperature dust laden gases, based on the dust concentration Uneo will recommend for single / multiclone separators.

Cyclone separator are the best choice of separation for any materials, choice of MOC of cyclone will depend on the material of separation.

Principal of operation :

In principal the Hydroclone is a solid bowl centrifuge of slim design, it can be compared to high speed tubular centrifuge but also with long tube decanter. In the case of Hydroclone, however, the body is stationary . A rotation is initiated by the flow arising from the tangential feed under the fan/ pump pressure, the fluid is subjected to centrifugal forces, that lead to the creation of primary vertex, which is directed downwards and an internal secondary vortex directed upwards. This leads to a segregation effect of the particles present in the fluid, due to a radially outward sedimentation.


Design futures:

  • Optimum separation characteristic at varying operation parameters
  • Long life time as per appropriate selection of material for each application: highly wear resistant, polyurethane, oxide- of SIC-Ceramic, NiHard, Titanium, diverse steels
  • Simple in operation
  • Fast and trouble free charging of wear parts
  • Low weight of single parts
  • Heat resistant materials availability

Applications :

  • Minerals (Feldspar, Talcum, Chalk, Quartz, Gypsum, Bentonite, Zircon, Phosphate).
  • Ores (Iron ore, Bauxite, Zink ore, Tin Ore)
  • Cement
  • Special designs for Coal / Pet coke applications
  • Alumina
  • Sands

Hydroclone product range

  • Conical Hydroclone
  • Flat-bottom Hydroclone
  • TWIN Hydroclone
  • Hydroclone with grit box
  • Carbon steel Hydroclone with PU Liner