Detail Engineering

Detail Engineering

   ▶ Freezing the dimension, Specification and MOC of equipment and Preparing Comprehensive list for the same.

   ▶ Complete Civil/Structural Engineering Package which includes foundation drawings, building design, cutout drawings with BOQ.

   ▶ GA drawings of equipment in ActCAD which needs to be fabricated.

   ▶ Floor wise GA Drawing of plant &utility.

   ▶ Development of P&ID and Utility line diagram

   ▶ Imposing GA drawings of suppliers in our proposed layout to check suitability.

   ▶ Elevation drawing preparation.

   ▶ Heat & Mass balance across each equipment and process simulation through ASPEN/CHEMCAD.

   ▶ Mass balance of various effluents streams and proposing treatment methodology.

   ▶ Agitator power requirement calculations & Transformer ratings.

   ▶ Preparing BOQ for Pipelines & Electricals.(GA & SLD)

   ▶ Development of Process data sheets for process equipment (PDS) which includes Agitator, pumps, valves, Reactors, column etc.

   ▶ Piping layout Isometric views.

   ▶ Design of Fuel handling & Material Handling systems.


   ▶ Co-ordination with Structural Engineer.

   ▶ Checking foundations with respect to Drawings through total station.

   ▶ Assistance in evaluation of quotations and bidding process.

   ▶ Co-ordination with Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Pipeline Contractors (MEP).

   ▶ Hydro test & Working test before delivery.

   ▶ Assistance in Erection & Plant commissioning.